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Hello and welcome to Wickham Audio Laboratories, and Wickham Technical Consultants !!

Pete Wickham is the sole proprietor of Wickham Audio Laboratories (fomerly Wickham Audio-Video) and Wickham Technical Consultants. Below is a brief description of the Wickham Audio Laboratories and Wickham Technical Consultants history, services performed, and background for Mr. Wickham.

In 1981 Wickham Audio-Video Electronic Repair was formed and later changed the name to Wickham Audio Laboratories. Wickham Audio Laboratories services pro audio musical equipment as well as televisions, vcr's, cd players, cassette tape decks, reel to reel tape decks, am/fm stereo recievers, (and RF alignment and repair for frequencies up to 512 megahertz), pedals/processors and many other musical instrument related products and equipment. We also specialize in matching vacuum tubes as well as being a retailer for N.O.S. , modern production, and vintage vacuum tubes. Tube amplifier service at Wickham Audio Laboratories uses state of the art tube testing machines such as the Hickok 539B "Engineers Model"and Tektronix 570 Tube Curve Tracer. Solid state curve trace matching is performed using the Fairchild 6200B up to 1000 volts dc.

In 1987 Wickham Audio was awarded it's first service center account with Peavey Electronics in Meridian, MS. Since that time we have also established factory authorized service center accounts with everybody who is anybody in the musical instrument manufacturing business. Such as Fender Musical Instruments, Guild, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Yamaha Musical Instrument Corp, Yamaha Consumer Electronics Corp, Kustom, Line 6, Randall, Mackie, Crate, Ampeg, Korg, Gretsch, Jackson, EAW, Galien-Kruger, Vox, Park, SWR, Yorkville Sound, Roland, Gibson, Cewin-Veg, Rokit, Hartke/Samson,QSC, Ceriatone, and Blackstar. Wickham Audio does service all makes and models of musical equipment such as amplifiers, mixing consoles, signal processors as well as guitar, bass, and keyboards.

Mr. Wickham is also certified as a Silver level guitar technician with The Fender Musical Instrument Company in Arizona, Gibson Musical Instruments in Nashville, TN., and Yamaha Musical Instruments in Buena Park, California.

In addition to being a factory authorized service center, Wickham Audio Laboratories is the exclusive service center for many music stores in and around the central Ohio area, represents extended warranty service company contracts for consumer and musical instruments, works with electronic and mechanical restoration services for insurance companies. Wickham Audio Laboratories is an "engineered electronic service povider" as well as a retail source for tubes, speakers, electronic components, and musical equipment.

WickhamAudio Laboratories is also a non NIST test equipment and multimeter calibration facility using Fluke, 5101A, 510B, and 5200A Calibrators

Wickham Audio Laboratories and Wickham Technical Consultants are both conveniently located 2.0 miles south of the intersection of St. Rt. 13 and I-70, at 14894 St. Rt. 13, Thornville, Ohio 43076. 740-398-0548.

In addition to Wickham Audio Laboratories, Wickham Technical Consultants has worked with local machine shops and industry, and has created, designed, built and PLC programmed dimensional vision systems using DVT and Rockwell components, performed power line analyzing for establishing power factor correction, harmonic filtration needs, statistical analysis using MINITAB software and has worked with global industrial related companies. Mr. Wickham has also been a member of engineering groups over the years. As a System Designer at Lakeshore Cryotronics, Lakeshore Cryosystems, Hitek Engineering, and Cryosystems 1981-1987 designing ultra low temperature cryogenic platforms for R & D. As a Machine Designer with Manifold & Phalor Machine Co., East Ohio Machinery, and The Design Factory 1987-2000 designing custom automated equipment for various industries. January 1999, Mr. Wickham became registered with the United States Patent Office as a co-inventor on 9 patents related to an electronic spinal diagnostic device used in the medical health care profession. As an Engineering Project Technician at Resinoid Engineering designing gauging vision systems, PLC programming, working on continuous improvement for the automated production and assembly line equipment, establishing correct speeds and feeds and optimizing motion profiles for stepper and servo motors for sawing machines which lead to improving saw blade life by a factor of four 2000-2009 . Because of this experience and accomplishments Wickham Technical Consultants was formed in 2012 and currently serving Los Almos Technial Associates, Resinoid Engineering, Samuel Strapping Systems and Innovative Resolutions. To review photographs and detailed information about design services/challenges/needs please call to schedule an appointment. 740-398-0548. References available upon request once a mutual interest has been established.

Mr. Wickham is also a certified private airplane pilot with the FAA, a member of The American Society for Mechanical Engineers, AOPA member, and certified compliant with Plus One Solutions for Criminal background, driving, and drug screening. 

Mr. Wickham is currently by appointment only. Please feel free to write via e-mail  wickhamaudio@juno.com text or call 740-398-0548 anytime to discuss your needs.

Thank you for visiting the official Wickham Audio Laboratories and Wickham Technical Consultants website. For local inquiries please also visit www.soundrepair-newarkoh.com .


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